This is the final edited version (including credits) of the footage I shot when I wasn't flying a kite (and some when I was)! It's HD so press play, pause it to let it load up, then hit full screen for HD loveliness. snowkiting adventure tours



Robert Brown & Einar Gardarsson

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This was a spur of the moment trip for me really. It had been a while since I'd seen any snow, and restlessness had crept in.

Trawling the snow related threads on the Flexifoil forum yielded an interesting result though. A company I'd not come across before were advertising the last two spaces available on an Icelandic trip for the following month. Two minutes later and I was on the phone to Robert Brown of, and 10 minutes after that my bank account was a little emptier.

The plan was for 12 people to spend a week kiting the Langjokull Glacier in mid Iceland - about 2 and a half hours drive north of Reykjavik. We were to meet up at the airport, transfer to town for a night (well, if you can call it "night") on the tiles, then pile into the Defender for the drive north the following morning - hangovers permitting.

As it happened a fit of sensibleness descended upon us and we were all able to get up early the following morning. Rob's plan for the Saturday, for Saturday it was, was to stop halfway to our destination and stock up on provisions, then having arrived at the chalets settle in ready for our first kiting session first thing Sunday.

As we drove north however, we could all see the wind picking up - white caps on the lakes we passed telling us that a steady force 4 was blowing; there was no way in hell we were just going to "settle in". Dump the provisions, a quick change into snow gear, and back in the 4x4 to head off for our first glimpse of the glacier.

What a great move that proved to be - we were blessed with some of the best winds of the whole trip that Saturday afternoon.