I can't claim all the credit for the idea, that belongs in no small part to Mark Parker from Kitevibe.

One afternoon Mark and I were discussing our preparations for NABX, and the design for the kite I hoped to have ready in time for the event (featured in Kite Making 3), when Mark said, "you should build one to support them you know".

Now, I love kite-making, but part of me groaned inside when he said that. It was already February, and I already had one 12m kite to build - a damn complicated one too!



Next was an email to Dean Jordan to get NABX on board, and so the project began.

As NABX is an American event, and I shamelessly wanted to get as much interest as possible, I chose the Stars & Stripes as the basis for the design.

From a certain perspective, this is one of the simplest designs I've made; necessarily so given how little time I had, yet it was not without its difficulties.


North American Buggy eXpo (NABX) - Kite Traction Races - Ivanpah Dry Lake CA.

NABX & Ozone Project

Custom built Manta M3 12m to be raffled at NABX 2011


I'm the first to admit that I'm a big Ozone Fanboy. I've been flying and loving their kites since I was first introduced to an Access XC back in 2008. Since then I've amassed a collection of no less than 19 Ozone kites (not including the ones I buy to rebuild).

I've yet to fly a bad kite from Ozone: as far as my experience goes, they range from "good" to "astonishing" - their snow-kites in particular are out-of-this-world.

So, it was only natural that I chose the Manta M3 as the basis for the NABX project.


Manta M3 2011


My Las Vegas flight was booked for 26th March; quite how I was going to get it done was beyond me. Never-the-less, I do like a challenge, and so sent an email to Matt Taggert at Ozone outlining the idea, and asking for his permission to replicate the Manta M3.

A couple of days later Matt got back to me with a resounding "yes" - I was over the moon. He said that Ozone would be happy to supply a new bridle & speed system, which was an absolute God send, saving me several day's work.