Kite making Three on Vimeo.



Two days after the kite arrived it was deconstructed into its component parts (having never been flown), and adorned the every available space in my flat.

Very shortly after dismantling the kite the delays started. I blame my friend Mark for the first of them.

We were in my study one afternoon, looking at a few of the time lapses I'd shot for the early parts of Kite Making Three, and discussing our plans to visit Nevada in early 2011, when Mark pipes up "you should build one of these for the guys at NABX you know".

That conversation was responsible for diverting my attention (I'm easily distracted) for at least three months!




Family Guy Kite

I started this kite back in October 2010. Fresh from finishing the last in my Calvin & Hobbes series, I was searching for a new look.

As you'll know, if you've seen any of my previous kites, cartoons have a special place in my heart. But this time I wanted something a little more contemporary; something that spoke to a wider audience than Calvin.

Of the plethora of choices Family Guy stood out head & shoulders above the rest: it has a synergy with the Calvin strips of Watterson, not visually perhaps, but more in the way it comments on our world. Perfect fodder for a kite then.




I knew from a very early stage that there was only one image I wanted to adapt; something from a scene in which Lois, dressed in fetish gear, says "the safe world is Banana", before smacking Peter, fully bedecked in a leather gimp outfit, in the mouth.

That wasn't quite enough though. Great for one side of a kite; but what of the other?

In stepped Quagmire.

Who better to be on the reverse of the kite, watching Lois & Peter at play?.

Knowing what I wanted to do, I then needed to think about the kite to use as the basis of the build. My love affair with Ozone's snowkites is well known, and so it was only natural that I expand my quiver: this time though I evicted the moths from my wallet and splashed out on a brand new 12m Manta M3.