Of course one of the most crucial aspects of the world of kiting is the weather; check out your favorite weather service to see what's in store for you when you next fly.


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After many years as a kite flyer and maker, I've recently begun the slow process of turning what was a hobby into my profession.

This year I will be contentrating on video production, the objective being to help anyone active in the industry to promote and further the sport which we love so much.

I'll also be making a series of unique power kites to promote the very best events and products the kiting world has to offer, and will consider taking commissions for unique individual deisgns.

One of my passions is making my own kites; most recently a rebuild of a 12m Ozone Manta M3 with a Family Guy theme.

Check out my other site: jansch.co.uk dedicated to videography, my other passion in life.